ESonix Aircraft Rapid Decompression Analysis

Aircraft decompression layout

Keep control of your data

By using the ESonix platform to run your Aircraft rapid decompression analysis, you become the main actor of your A/C outfitting project.

Run as many simulations as you want, and get your results in a few minutes.

Aircraft decompression model

Excel™ input/output

Simply idealize your Aircraft layout and loading conditions within an Excel™ spreadsheet. A template is available for downloading

All the detailed envelops and events chronology are available within the analysis results page.

decompression post-pro

Interactive visualisation

Besides regular envelops spreadsheets to download, investigate your results by interactively plot many dynamic variables like $\Delta_P$, $\dot{m}$ (mass flows), opening area, etc.

Aircraft decompression certification support

Optional support in certification

Besides the online application, our engineers are trained to support your project through out the certification process.

Contact us for any question relative to certification.

Aircraft rapid decompression simulator for projects with tight dead lines!

Decompression runs are usually expansive and time consuming. numeric GmbH provides a low-cost, highly responsive, and with a high postpro added value way to simulate your aircraft interior rapid decompression.

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Main features of our user-friendly application

ESonix features many, many things, while keeping them as much simple as reasonable. By using ESonix, you are able to create analysis with the following main points:

  • Multi-load cases
  • Multi-conditions (run closed doors and opened doors in a single shot)
  • Multi-units (Imperial and SI-bar units)

Progress bars

Full dual-way venting conditions for a closer real-life model idealisation

Venting are idealized on a real-item basis, i.e. possibly having unsymetric behavior.

Dual way venting definition

Combine two or more models and deal with one single set of results makes your life easier with complex multi-configuration models

It is frequent that you need to check your Aircraft with several cargo and/or cabin configurations. Prepare and run your individual models, then combine them to get a single set of envelops to check!

Models combination

ISA Values support is making your load cases definition easier

Load Cases idealisation include advanced ISA values capacities; you can define:

  • Ambient pressure directly by specifying atmospheric pressure value
  • Ambient pressure by specifying an altitude parameter
  • Ambient pressure by specifying an altitude parameter, A/C mach number and pressure coefficient.

ISA values by wikipedia

QA by extensive testing conditions for a reliable software

The ESonix team spends a lot of time and energy to test its software in many ways. Tests can be sorted into three main categories:

  • Level 0: Low level: individual software components shall respond as expected. (e.g. unit conversions, model data input, etc.)
  • Level 1: Intermediate level: simple test-case shall match common references, high-school publications or CFD analysis.
  • Level 2: High level: check software against real-life cases.

theoretical and CFD test cases